A tale

Once upon a time there was a tale.
The tale was rather cruel

Because it was nude

and rude…

Once upon a time there was a man

He loved a girl…

And a girl loved him…

They loved and loved and loved

But then she saw another man

She did not like him

But he did like her

They met in a blisterring cold in the shades of forrest, he asked for milk the girl was carrying.

“I am thirsty and hungry, would you please give me some milk” – he asked.

“Yes, sure sir” – was her reply and she poured him some milk. Thank you he said and looked into her eyes. She walked away and he walked away.

When she got back, she thought of that hungry man. There was something annoying about him, but she did not tell about it to her man. And they loved eachother. The days have passed and weeks have passed. And they loved. However, she started to think more and more about the man she met in forrest. Then, she decided to visit the place again. She went, but there was nobody. She sat on the log and gazed into mist, which was falling on the forrest. She was sad and could not understand what was happening to her. She wanted to see that man again, but he never appeared.

The time was late and she heard wolves howling nearby. She hurried to go back home and she ran. She was afraid, as the closer she was getting to her home the louder the voice of the wolves was. Finally, by the time she got back home the noise vanished. She entered house all shivering and calling for he husband. He appeared with a smiling face. “We have a guest” – he said. She was surprised, as they rarely had some visitors in the house before. She followed him to the dinning room and saw the stranger she met before. She smiled with a smile she should have tried to hide… however her man did not notice it. They sat and dined all together.

Man and woman were listening to the stories of the stranger, which were full of adventures. Then a man, left the house to bring some wood. He was away for some hours. The woman and the stranger were all alone… They never went out to find him.

June 9, 2009, Glasgow


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