Divine is the comedy!

A situation at a TV station:

A journalist asks a respodent: “When did you realize that you wanted to dedicate yourself to comedy?

Respodent with a serious face: When I realized that I could not have sex anymore.


A situation after the classes for the comedy writing:

A: So, what do you think about our homework?

B: I don’t know, we should submit it tomorrow

A: Yeah, I should go and think about it…

B: Yeah… By the way, are you gay?

A: NO!

B: Yeah, neither am I.


A lecturer in journalism school reads a sign “Don’t plagiarise.” He goes to his class and hangs a sign on the wall.  “From now on, I want all of you to follow this rule! – He says.


Inspiration is like sex, you are waiting for it impatiently, but as soon as you get it you are waiting for another one to come


Morrissey is a son of a shyness that is criminally vulgar, that’s why he sings his life.


If you borrow the money don’t forget to pay it back, if you happen to forget, forget that you forgot.


Imagine a child who reads comics all days long, now imagine this child to grow and become a president of a superpower… Scary?


Tell me the joke and I will tell you who you are.


Those who live fast die young, those who live long are too slow, has anybody taught them to travel at average speed?


Tbilisi, November 2008


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